About Us

Dr. Lorena Hillman M.D. is the founding physician of Pacific Integrative Health and Medicine. She has been a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area since 1996, with a four year foray to southern California to attend medical school at the University of California, Irvine. She is Board Certified in Family Medicine and worked for several years in the Emergency Department at Kaiser Permanente. She currently practices Integrative Medicine in Berkeley, California and offers consultations throughout the U.S. and internationally.

Dr. Hillman was very active in sports in her teen years and worked as a fitness trainer after finishing her undergraduate education. She began her journey in holistic healing when she first began practicing insight meditation and attending retreats in 1985. She was moved by the profound effect that healthy eating, periods of deep silence and an intention to be present had on physical and mental health, and she continues to incorporate mindfulness and awareness practices into her current work. Several years of employment as a licensed massage therapist–and self-directed study of a variety of holistic therapies–deepened Dr. Hillman’s understanding of the mind-body connection. She has also explored modalities as diverse as energy medicine, emotional-kinesthetic therapy and shamanic journeying.

Seeking more knowledge with which to help resolve the health issues of her clients, Dr. Hillman decided to attend medical school with the vision of one day bridging together the best of western allopathic and alternative medicine. In her current practice, she draws from healing modalities rooted in ancient traditions as well as evidence-based modern medical science.

At Pacific Integrative Health and Medicine, Dr. Hillman goes beyond the typical medical emphasis on treating symptoms and disease, focusing on the higher goal of attaining one’s fullest potential for vitality. She works systematically to nourish each component of wellness so there is a natural return to a state of balance for the organism as a whole. She utilizes advanced testing, dietary interventions, bioidentical hormones, functional medicine and anti-aging strategies to help patients reach this optimum state of wellness.

Dr. Hillman recognizes that all aspects of our lives depend on good health; her intention is to work on the leading edge of medicine so her patients can experience the energy, clarity and presence needed to live a vibrant and deeply satisfying life.