We are delighted that you have discovered our website and our practice! Pacific Integrative Health and Medicine is a medical practice providing individualized care to support your unique journey to optimal health, well-being and happiness.

Our practice is designed to honor your inner wisdom, offering our experience and knowledge to enhance your life with greater wellness and aliveness. We are open-minded about all therapies and can discuss potential benefits and risks of these treatments; we will use the most current research and scientific literature to help you make informed choices about your care.

Services offered include:

• Lifestyle medicine and healthy aging

• Hormone assessment and balancing for women and men

• Optimal management of hypothyroidism/subclinical hypothyroidism

• Relaxation and stress reduction techniques and mindfulness training

• Functional medicine approaches to chronic conditions

• Medical case review/Case consulting for non-physician health and wellness practitioners

• Admissions consulting and essay preparation for future medical students and residents

Pacific Integrative Health and Medicine is predominantly a consulting practice; we ask that you have a primary care practitioner that is managing your preventive care and basic medical concerns. If you have particular interests that are not listed above, please call or email to inquire about your desired services.

Welcome to the experience of personalized medicine–you choose the goal; we’ll help you get there!